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Art Showing - Wine Tasting

Broken Top Club, Bend, OR


Wedding - Private Event

Lake Creek Lodge, Sister, OR


Wedding - Private Event

Sparks Lake, Bend, OR

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This is probably my favorite of all the social media realms because there is so much freedom within the medium. I use Wordpress and have my own successful blog, Indie Girl in a Mountain Town where I share stories on a range of subjects from creative songwriting inspiration to new developments in the music business for independent artists. I’ve most recently become the music blogger for 1859 Magazine. 

While I believe blogs have a lot of intrinsic value when it comes to telling your story and building your brand, from a business perspective, Google loves blogs, and if you have a skilled blogger working for you, this can exponentially increase your SEO in an organic way.

Here is an example of one of my blogs below. Read more here.