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House of Snow

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laurel brauns


House of Snow


You took pictures of the sky at night

Winking eyes were streaks of light

By a northern riverside

Moonlight over river wide

Spring comes rushing through

Everytime that I’m with you

Floating down the Rogue

A world of green and gold


I have been seeing only winter scenes

Snow on late night TV screens

Tire tracks of our routines

Your arms around me in my dreams

Build us a house of snow

And promise not to go

Till it flies up in the breeze

Or melts into spring’s streams


We have sewn together lonely pasts

And finally smashed the hour glass

Sealed our lips about the war

That once was worth dying for

Won’t you lay me down

Lay with me on this cold ground

Under canvas eaves

And a thousand tiny moon beams


Build us a house of snow

And promise not to go.