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Swimming (2001)

So very beautiful. A Review by Daniel O'Meara I have owned Laurel's second album, Periphery, for a while now and absolutely love it, so I was saddened to see this album listed as out of print on her website. Thankfully, I noticed that it was indeed still available on CDBaby and ordered it immediately. This album is simply put, fantastic. There is a celtic feel to much of Swimming and Laurel is so well suited for it. In particular, my favorite song, Child of Light, uses the Celtic style to produce an incredible tapestry of beautiful sounds. She is also incredible when playing more standard songs, like her gorgeous cover os "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You." Laurel has a unique talent for writing great songs and then filling them up with exquisite, lush orchestration. It is very interesting to hear Laurel finding her voice on this album. Periphery has a very distinct sound and on Swimming, you can hear it starting to materialize. I happened upon Laurel in a local newspaper, found her samples here on CDBaby, and have fallen in love with her music. I play her songs for everyone I know now and can't wait for more masterpieces in the future.

Laurel Brauns - Swimming


Laurel Brauns: Swimming